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Kids Korner Deer Hunt Sponsors:
Buck Pole Archery & Deer Ranch
CP Oneida Eagle Bows
Michigan's Hooks & Bullets Magazine
Osborn's Sport Shop
LeRoy Tire & Auto 
Creative Embroidery

In addition to the 3 donated deer hunts from Buck Pole Archery & Deer Ranch, was a  kids bow donated by Osborn's Sport Shop, and hunting knifes donated by LeRoy Tire & Auto and Creative Embroidery. With a deck of cards spread out on a table the kids all drew for the buck hunt and the additional prizes. High card wins.

The gang for the evening hunt at Buck Pole Deer Ranch from L-R: Jacob McKnight and his dad Mike, Madison Macy and her grandfather Scott, Buck Pole Deer Ranch's Jeremy Castle, H&B's Kevin Speer, Tony & Tony Merchant pose by one of the many ponds on this 1000 acre game ranch in Marion Michigan.

Jacob McKnight (L) won a doe hunt and the belt lock blade from Creative Embroidery in Cadillac, Madison Macy (C) won a doe hunt and the Winchester bow from Osborn's Sport Shop in Bear Lake and Tony Merchant (R) won the buck hunt and the hunting knife from LeRoy Tire & Auto in LeRoy.

Madison Macy from Utica has been practicing with her 30-30 at 50 yds. She nailed a 3" bullseye at 97 yds with her 1st shot.

Claude Pollington has over 40 years of building the ranch into what it is today, the original bunk house is a reminder of all the successful years of hunting he has enjoyed.

Hitting his target was old hat for Tony Merchant who is an avid outdoorsman who bagged a nice 8-pt during Michigan's Youth Hunt this year.
Events like this are fantastic and I am so proud to be a part of getting our youths out hunting and fishing. Many thanks go out to our sponsors, the volunteers, the 3 guides and the parents. Without all of you, this would not be possible.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, Kevin Speer - H&B.
Uncle Bob"s Smoky Mountain premium all purpose sauce is great for meat, fish and poultry.
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